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    01 Bulla 3840x2160px 72dpi
    Client Bulla Dairy Foods
    Shifting & Shaping Tastebuds, People & Places

    There are not many companies still standing strong after more than 100 years in business, just like there are not many companies still owned and managed by the same families over six generations. But since 1910, Bulla, one of Australia’s oldest family owned dairy companies, has been proudly producing quality dairy products that have nourished and delighted generations of Australian families.

    A new logo and design was launched that celebrated Bulla’s family heritage, with tradition and quality at its core. With dairy central to many of life’s memorable moments, an ice cream melting down your arm on a hot summer’s day or a freshly baked sponge lovingly layered with whipped cream and strawberries, it was important to reaffirm Bulla’s place as a brand respectful of traditions but still relevant for tomorrow.

    02 Bulla 3840x2160px 72dpi

    Through packaging for sticks, splits and pops, Bulla captured the nostalgia with a range of flavours deeply anchored in milk bar memories. With bright stripes melting into a deliciously ice-creamy puddle, our eyes and minds are instantly drawn to the ice cream and taken back to summer fun and enjoyment. The ice creams themselves present in groups of three, honouring the three families of Bulla and reaffirming their ongoing commitment to craftsmanship and care. Each flavour connects visually with colour and detail and is backed up by claims of natural goodness, fresh milk and cream.

    03 Bulla 3840x2160px 72dpi
    04 Bulla 2000x2000px 72dpi

    Through evolving consumer, foodservice and corporate identities, we were able to double brand health attributes of best friend, trust and inspiring role model. Because at the end of the day, dairy is real and with Bulla, creating fresh futures based on old traditions, craftsmanship and care ensures our favourite dairy products are here to stay.

    05 Bulla 3840x2160px 72dpi