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    Client Jacqui Carslake
    Shifting & Shaping People & Places, Society

    Framed within a philosophy to engage, explore and express, enrich and empower, the 5 E’s of art form the foundation of Jacqui Carslake’s bespoke creative arts programs for kids.

    It was important to present playfulness and brightness in creating Jacqui’s brand identity while anchoring it in educational credentials. The warm colour palette highlighting the 5 E’s of art suggests freedom to think, create and share, with the darker, cooler tones cementing the knowledge behind the teaching.

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    As an experienced visual arts educator, Jacqui’s professional and nurturing approach allows kids the freedom to bring positive purpose to creative learning and develop valuable emotional skills along the way. Tapping into kids’ individual curiosities and eagerness to learn, Jacqui’s programs have had waiting lists since day one.

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