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    01 Mersey Valley 3840x2160px 72dpi
    Client Lion Dairy & Drinks
    Shifting & Shaping Tastebuds

    Everything about Mersey Valley cheese reflects its heritage and sense of pride and place. Having been made in Tasmania for over 35 years, it was important in invigorating the brand, to honour the land from which it came and the spirit in which it was made.

    Painting the sun’s rays radiating from valleys and hills in the redesigned brandmark, connects the consumer to the fertile farmlands and rich traditions of the Mersey Valley region of Tasmania’s Cradle Country. Clean, block colouring, with earthy tones linking back to nature, creates a grounded and transparent connection to both flavour and taste. The design is bold and unfussy, just like the cheese.

    02 Mersey Valley 3840x2160px 72dpi
    03 Mersey Valley 2000x2000px 72dpi

    In a crowded category, Mersey Valley has stood the test of time and become a trusted platter favourite that consistently delivers on its promise of sharp flavour, crumbly texture and melt in the mouth eating. Without bells and whistles, and with flavours grounded in tradition not trend, Mersey Valley confirms its vintage and heritage status. Perfect for snacks and entertaining, it’s honest and straight forward, a cheese that gets noticed and remembered.

    And like the cheese, the design has also stood the test of time, with sales increasing from $16M to $23M in the first 5 years since 2007. Today, 13 years later, the cheese retains the same design and sales are still growing, anchoring Mersey Valley’s iconic and classic presence on shelf and on platters alike.