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    01 nudie 3840x2160px 72dpi
    Client Monde Nissin Australia
    Shifting & Shaping Tastebuds, Body & Mind

    nudie has always been playful, cheeky and clever. But as longtime creators of fresh and delicious juices, they were smart enough to know that while plenty of people enjoyed the pure flavour of fresh juice, we knew that nature had more to offer.

    In pushing its ethos as ‘creators of good’ to the next level, nudie cleverly harnessed the power of unique and potent botanicals known to be rich with natural benefits. Deliciously blended to offer a distinct wellness outcome, nudie Proactive allowed consumers to make conscious choices in refreshment that further optimised a healthy lifestyle. Health had never tasted so good, and never been so good for you.

    02 nudie 3840x2160px 72dpi
    03 nudie 2000x2000px 72dpi new

    The design pulls through the straight talking cheekiness of nudie core and injects a simple sophistication through modern duotone colour palettes, negative space and engaging nudie characters which support the positive product benefit. Integrity and transparency are affirmed by the claim of ‘nothing but’ the ingredients. nudie's upbeat optimism in combination with their openness and grounded realness, provided credibility and assurance for consumers, which sees nudie be a favourite amongst consumers.

    04 nudie 3840x2160px 72dpi