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    01 Purex 3840x2160px 72dpi
    Client Asaleo Care New Zealand
    Shifting & Shaping Body & Mind

    With other brands enriching their offer with 3 and 4 ply toilet rolls, Purex, at only 2 ply, was faced with a growing challenge to maintain its relevance. Sometimes as a consumer it’s hard to be environmentally responsible without feeling like you are settling for second best.

    And environmentally sustainable toilet paper was often deemed second best. Not as premium, not as nice. To carry the promise of product softness, front and foremost on its packaging, Rolly, the adorable mascot used by Purex for the past 30 years, gave the opportunity to reconnect people to a loved and long standing brand.

    02 Purex 3840x2160px 72dpi

    The philosophy of ‘soft on you, soft on the environment’ is delivered in a gently layered way, with the soft rolls of Rolly’s coat, resting his head on a roll of toilet paper in a soft sea of grass. It is a clean and clear visual message in keeping with the strong environmental ethos of the product. Tying these two parts of the story together, the promise of environmental sustainability and also a perceptibly premium product enabled Purex to retain its #2 position in the New Zealand market.

    As a proud and well loved Kiwi brand with a 60 year history, Purex had a story worth celebrating. Working with iwi (local Maori tribes) to harness the renewable energy of geothermal steam and using sustainable forestry has always meant Purex left a much smaller footprint than its competitors. In fact, since 2014, Purex has been made from start to finish in the same factory located in Kawerau.

    03 Purex 3840x2160px 72dpi
    04 Purex 2000x2000px 72dpi

    With the environmental credentials framing the narrative and proudly displayed on the pack, the story also needed to reassure that Purex was not a second best option, that Purex could be just as kind to you as it is to the environment.