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    Client Twinings
    Shifting & Shaping Tastebuds, Body & Mind

    Aspiring to create healthy habits for a life well lived, the pleasure and ritual of tea comes with the added benefit of plant-based enrichment in Twinings Live Well.

    A new range of hot flavoured infusions, Live Well brings together expertly crafted plant blends with proven therapeutic attributes to create infusions that are a perfect balance of benefit and enjoyment.

    Live Well lets you choose the right infusion to create moments of fulfilment and take care of yourself in a simple and natural way. Tea has a long tradition of being good for you but has not previously been regarded as having specific healthy characteristics. The Live Well identity acknowledges the tradition of tea but speaks strongly to the new.

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    The gold Twinings brandmark brings authority. Aligning with the Twinings black and herbal tea portfolio, bright and optimistic variant colours balance efficacy and enjoyment. The white background operates as a code for health and wellness drawing from pharmacy. Fresh, real photography brings an uplifting abundance of nature with sophistication and curation.

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    Since the initial range launched, new blends have been created including additional fortification and probiotics for enhanced health benefits. This expansion demonstrates the flexibility of the design system with dials for potency and flavour.