Creativity into clarity

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    01 Vodka Cruiser 3840x2160px 72dpi
    Client Asahi Beverages
    Shifting & Shaping Tastebuds

    Vodka Cruiser has the highest brand mana score of any brand within liquor. When initially briefed on the Vodka Cruiser brand, Core had experienced strong growth. And while part of this success had been driven through Cruiser’s differentiated position of Fun, Flavour & Colour, there was a need to rebuild the Cruiser sub-brands, Free and Black, to also set them up for success.

    The Core proposition worked on boldly capturing that moment in time of being young, having fun and not being too serious about the world. Unapologetically feminine, the narrative is expressed by a bright paint splash of colour on the label. Bright, beachy, colours speak to vibrancy and a playful sense of optimism with clean, pastel hued, fruit flavours offering a degree of clarity and discernment.

    02 Vodka Cruiser 3840x2160px 72dpi
    03 Vodka Cruiser 2000x2000px 72dpi

    The redesign for Free and Black drew on the characters and attributes of Core. Sharing an expressive use of colour similar to Core, Free captures a tone of lightness and freedom, the imagery of the paint splash replaced with floating fabric. With Black, colours paint a stylised, textured ‘X’ which speaks to a stronger, more complex offering, but still carrying through elements of brightness and discernment.

    The Vodka Cruiser crest, implying authority and trust, brings the brands together, cohesively bonding a brand proud family of products. Shifting Vodka Cruiser Free and Black to become branded expressions of each segment successfully helped deliver 46% MAT value growth.